You can now order ‘Tapri ki Chai’ online in Mumbai!

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The term ‘Cutting Chai’ means chai so well and strongly brewed that makes even half a cup enough as a daily dose of freshness and a kick start to help face a long day ahead.  Cutting Chai is counted as one of the must do’s in Mumbai, a beverage enjoyed by all makes you want to relish each and every sip.

In a generation bit by the internet bug, we appreciate everything we get at the tip of our fingers just at a mere click of the mouse. Right from shopping clothes, electronics, shoes or even an appointment with your barber or doctor.

Lately, I came across a very unique and cool website known as Chotu Chaiwala. And that made me feel I have possibly seen everything cool happen now! A cutting chaiwala on the internet. Yes, long lost are those days when you would have a cutting at a tapri in the scorching heat. All you have to do now is log onto this website and our virtual chotu delivers us chai at our doorsteps. As they say it’s the one stop shop to get your chai quick and easy.

They currently deliver in 4 locations within Bandra, i.e. Waterfeild road, Linking road, National college and Post office. Not just that much, you can select the duration of your subscription along with the time you want it. A subscription of one month would cost you Rs 280 or you could also subscribe for one week or two weeks which would cost you Rs 70 and Rs 140  respectively.


Having hot piping chai was never so effortlessly delicious and easy. And a virtual chai station is a dream come true for Mumbaikars.

So all you have to do is log onto the website and order.




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